Cheapest Fast Food – It Is Bad For Your Health

Cheapest Fast Food - It Is Bad For Your Health
Cheapest Fast Food - It Is Bad For Your Health

We all know that cheapest fast food is bad and unhealthy, but what we don’t realize when it’s come to a whole array of health issues. Some of the more dangerous ones include heart disease, obesity, and even certain cancers.

Cheapest Fast Foods

Most of us don’t like to be label as a cheap, but we like to buying a cheap foods with little or no nutrition value at all in feeding our bodies. Without even realizing, we continue to slowly kill ourselves and our next generation with highly processed fake fast foods daily.

Our kids nowadays only recognizes apple juices from boxes instead of freshly squeezed apples. They grow up only knowing fast food joints instead of fresh farm foods.

We question why real food is more expensive instead of asking why fake food is cheap. What fast food offers is what is in the name. Technology gets more advanced but yet more people are getting sicker.

The Lifestyle Issue

Majority of people around the world are dying of disease each day. Every minute instead of old age. We take a medicine as food instead of food as a medicine.

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand.

If you have a healthy lifestyle, your diet and nutrition are set and if you’re working out, you are going to feel goods.

Think about this, when diet is wrong medicine will not use but when diet was right medicine is of no need anymore.

When you eating real and more nutrition’s foods then counting calories can be ignore anymore. But if you looking for quick calories, then  you can forgot the real or nutrition’s food forever.

Eat not for the sake of filling our stomach but it’s more for nutritional reason. Nutrition is the fuel and source of energy for our body.

Cheapest Fast Food - It Is Bad For Your Health
Cheapest Fast Food – It Is Bad For Your Health

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Many only start making changes when death is at their door step. Don’t wait till that happen. Sometimes it can be too late. Start making the right choices and practice mindful eating habits.


Learn to eat slowly and start living right. Because our body is the only temple we live in.

But before i stop here, please ask your self. Is it really cheaper to live off takeaways and processed cheapest fast food than to eat a balanced, nutritious diet?


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